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About the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

The main mission of the Prison Administration is to ensure the enforcement of criminal sanctions, detention, prison sentence, alternate prison sentence and the educational measure of placing a minor into a correctional home. It also enables the rehabilitation of imprisoned persons. The treatment of imprisoned persons is organised so as to prepare individuals for life in freedom and discourage them from repeating criminal offences so that after serving their sentences they will be able to live in accordance with applicable legal and moral norms. The Prison Administration provides safe prisons for society, imprisoned persons and employees.

It operates in 15 locations across the country and its work is managed by the Director-General. The responsibilities and work of the Prison Administration are divided among eight internal organisational units: Head Office, six prisons and a correctional home. Each prison has an open, a semi-open and a closed unit which have different levels of security and restrictions of the freedom of movement. Some prisons also operate at units at separate locations.

The Prison Administration ensures the comprehensive enforcement of the rights and obligations of imprisoned persons and deals with the development of various forms and methods of work with imprisoned persons. It is responsible for the direct enforcement of a prison sentence, juvenile imprisonment, imprisonment ordered in minor offence proceedings, the educational measure of placing a minor in a correctional home and execution of detention, executed in prisons and in a correctional home. It takes care of the legality of work and ensures and protects the human rights of imprisoned persons, conducts first-instance administrative procedures and records of imprisoned persons, and ensures the confidentiality of information collected about imprisoned persons. It carries out treatment of imprisoned persons, tasks in the field of health care of imprisoned persons and provides prisoners with material conditions for their life.

The vision of the Prison Administration is to develop a modern and humane prison system aimed at rehabilitation. The Prison Administration works to effectively enforce criminal sanctions and establish an excellent public prison system. Qualified and motivated personnel, dedicated to their objectives, successfully meet the challenges of a developing society. Successful support and cooperation are carried out in the programmes for the social reintegration of convicted persons, with the focus on ensuring and maintaining their dignity. The Prison Administration is aware that with an active prison system it shapes a safer society; therefore, it strives for smart, inclusive and sustainable social growth.


Organisational units of the Prison Administration