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The Energy and Mining Inspection provides oversight over the implementation of regulations in the fields of electrical and power engineering and mining.

By providing inspections of power engineering systems, supervision is ensured over thermal energy machines, i.e. heat-generation installations, CHP installations, devices in thermal power plants, and steam and hot water generators. In addition, supervision is provided of natural gas transmission and distribution networks, district heating and steam distribution networks, storage devices, and LPG devices and installations and of the qualifications of persons managing energy devices, air-conditioning and heating devices and other machines related to energy production and consumption. Inspectors also control the regular inspections of pressure vessels and portable pressure equipment and supervision of the installation, maintenance and servicing of equipment in explosion-prone areas.

Through inspection controls in the field of electricity supervision is provided over the implementation of regulations on safe and reliable operation of energy devices, i.e. electricity generating devices, transmission and distribution electricity networks, and other devices for the supply and use of electricity. In providing controls, the inspectors help remedy shortcomings and deficiencies during the building or reconstruction stage of energy machines, which improves the security, reliability and economical use of such machines. Controls of low-voltage systems in buildings and lightning protection systems in public buildings are aimed at ensuring security by reducing the risks for people, animals and property.

In the field of mining, supervision is conducted on the basis of legislative acts governing mining, security and health and safety at work, compliance of products, and acts on the closing-down of mines. A particular feature of the role of mining inspectors is that they conduct regular supervision of all liable persons and in cases of fatal accidents or group accidents at work or dangerous incidents immediately open an investigation to examine the circumstances. The inspection provided by mining inspectors ensures that extraction is compliant with the provisions of concession agreements and that the works are compliant with technical documents, which contributes to the closing down of mines. Mining inspectors must ensure the health and safety of underground and surface mining work and also control the impact of mining on the environment.