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The Communication and Information Systems Unit (C&ISU) is in charge of the proper functioning of the Slovenian Armed Forces’ communications and information (C&I) systems. Its organizational structure ensures the operation of stationary and deployable backbone C&I systems of the Slovenian Armed Forces.


  • Command
  • Cyber Defence Centre
  • Threat Exploration Centre
  • 1st Company – Stationary C&I Systems Centre
  • 2nd Company – Stationary C&I Systems Centre
  • 3rd Signal Company


  • Ensure the operation of stationary C&I systems
  • Ensure the functioning of the deployable backbone C&I systems
  • Support users of the C&I systems
  • Support SAF exercises and exercises of SAF units and commands
  • Provide cyber defence (MilCERT),
  • Provide specialist signals and IT training (for officers, NCOs and soldiers)
  • Train members of the unit’s reserve forces
  • Participate in the implementation of development projects related to C&I systems
  • Provide C&I support in the system of protection against natural and other disasters (VIHRA plan)
  • Provide C&I support during CIMIC events