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The Division for the Protection of Archival Records from Special Archives is responsible for the archival records from the former special archives, which were merged with the central national archives between 1990 and 1998 following changes in legislation.

The special archives were the Historical Archives of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Slovenia, the former Archives of the Institute of the History of the Workers’ Movement and the historical part of the Archives of the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, the Division is responsible for managing the archival records of the judiciary and justice authorities (courts, prosecutors’ offices and state attorneys’ offices after 1945) and the archival records of the former socio-political organisations (the Socialist Alliance of the Working People, trade unions, youth organisations and the national liberation organisations), which ceased to operate in 1990, with their records being transferred to the Slovenian national archives.

The majority of the archival records managed by the Division dates from since 1941. Over 750 archival funds and collections of the Division relate to the period of the Second World War. These funds contain various kinds of records of military and civil bodies of Italian and German occupation authorities, records of Partisan origin, and records of the Slovenian Home Guard. Most of the archival records of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Slovenia, after 1952 the League of Communists of Slovenia, relate to the period from 1941 to 1990, with a minor part relating to the period before and during the war. The archival records of the Intelligence and Security Service (VOS), which are of an older date, are part of the fund of the Republic Secretariat for Internal Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. This fund also contains the archival records of intelligence services, i.e. the secret political police, OZNA (the Department for People’s Protection), the State Security Administration (UDV or UDBA), and the State Security Service (SDV) dated up to 1991. Part of the archival records were acquired from the Ministry of the Interior and part from the Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA) and other agencies.

There is a considerable demand for the archival records managed by the Division. Given the nature of the creators of and the age of the archival records, most of the latter contains sensitive personal data and other data protected by law, and such data must be appropriately protected before the archival records are made available in the reading room of the Archives.