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The Division for the Administration of Government Working Bodies and Councils prepares, organises and conducts the sessions of government committees, the Economic and Social Council, and other working bodies of the Government as instructed by the Secretary-General of the Government. It provides opinions, responses and other documents for the Government to formulate its position on the proposals and requests of unauthorised proposers or refers documents to the competent authorities for consideration, with the exception of the documents of the National Assembly and documents concerning international cooperation.

The Division also coordinates the work of the competent ministries and government offices concerning documents submitted for consideration by line ministries and rejects documents in accordance with the Secretary-General’s powers. It coordinates the harmonisation of documents with representatives of civil society, professional organisations and institutions, and/or social partners.

It examines documents for government consideration and their compliance with the Rules of Procedure of the Government and the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly and the harmonisation of the documents with the competent line ministries, and prepares, organises and conducts tripartite negotiations for the social contract and wage policy agreement or other negotiations pursuant to decisions of the Economic and Social Council and meetings of various working groups pursuant to decisions of the Economic and Social Council.

It cooperates with the European Economic and Social Committee and its bodies, with the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions, and with the Economic and Social Councils of EU Member States and other countries and acts as an intermediary between foreign institutions, ministries and government offices and social partners with regard to appointments, documents and notices.

The Division also organises working meetings and other activities related to visits of foreign delegations to the Economic and Social Council and participates in working and other meetings and conferences organised by European institutions in the field of work of economic and social councils.

It drafts reports and minutes of the sessions of committees and councils of the Government and decisions adopted after final consideration by committees and monitors the implementation of positions of government committees and councils and government decisions adopted after final consideration by committees and councils.

It directly monitors the sessions of the National Assembly, follows EU and foreign legislations concerning its area of work, keeps records and drafts reports on the work of the Division, and performs administrative tasks related to the Division.