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  • 46th Ordinary Session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At its session today the government approved draft amendments to four tax, adopted the Draft Act amending the Pension and Disability Insurance Act, defined the text of the Draft Act amending the Labour Market Act and adopted a draft amendment to the text of the Aviation Act.

  • 44th Government Session: Government proposes draft state budgets for 2020 and 2021

    The Slovenian government put forward the draft state budgets for 2020 and 2021. The draft budgets follow the fiscal rule that requires medium-term balance of general government revenues and expenditures without borrowing. Total state budget expenditures of EUR 10.35 billion are planned in the next year, which is 1.9% higher than set out in the revised budget for 2019, while revenues are planned to rise by 4.5% to just under EUR 10.82 billion.

  • First year of the Šarec government: Public trust an asset for the challenges of the coming years

    The first year of the current government’s term of office is ending with stable and strong public support. Since we follow the vision of Prime Minister Marjan Šarec that “our main duty is to work for the people”, increased trust in the work of the government team comes as no surprise. On the anniversary of the election of the government, we are aware of the responsibility that such support entails, and we are once again committed to working in the interest of Slovenia and all of its inhabitants.

  • Slovenia's EU commissioner-designate Janez Lenarčič assigned the portfolio of crisis management

    Janez Lenarčič, the Slovenian EU commissioner-designate, has been assigned the portfolio of crisis management in the next European Commission, as President-elect Ursula von der Leyen announced the distribution of posts.

  • 42th Government Session: Government adopts draft priorities of Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council

    The Slovenian government has adopted the draft priorities of Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2021, and they will now be presented to the Slovenian National Assembly.

  • 41st session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    At today’s session the Slovenian government adopted the draft Act amending the Road Transport Act, received a report on the process of drafting and adopting the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, issued the Decree on Outdoor Storage of Flammable Solid Waste and adopted a decision to initiate repatriation procedures from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for persons who meet the conditions under the Act Regulating Relations between the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenians Abroad.

  • Half year budget shows surplus in excess of EUR 200 million

    In the first half of this year, the state budget showed a surplus of EUR 208,2 million, while in the same period last year it stood at EUR 184.2 million. First-half revenues stood at approximately EUR 5.08 billion this year, up 6.8% on the same period last year, while expenditures rose 6.5% and amounted to approximately EUR 4.87 billion.

  • Government on proposal for candidate for Member of the European Commission and founding of Slovenia House in Brussels

    At today’s correspondence session, the Slovenian government adopted a decision to propose Janez Lenarčič as a Member of the European Commission from Slovenia. It also decided to establish a Slovenia House in Brussels as a satellite unit of the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels, in order to provide a uniform presentation and promotion of Slovenian creativity, innovation, economic competitiveness, art, science, sports, tourism, gastronomy, winemaking and promotion of the country in general.

  • Paris Informal Meeting on Migration: Focus on Cooperation and Solidarity

    Andrej Logar, ambassador-at-large for key and strategic affairs, attended the informal meeting of foreign and internal ministers in Paris, which discussed migration in the Mediterranean. The meeting of the EU and Schengen ministers and heads of several international organisations was convened by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner in the face of the growing challenges of migration management in the Mediterranean, particularly its central part, which is considered the deadliest migration route for migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Fitch upgraded Slovenia’s credit rating

    The rating agency Fitch upgraded the credit rating for Slovenia from A- to A, with a stable outlook. This is the third such upgrade for Slovenia by rating agencies this year, showing that the country is in good shape and has been successfully consolidating its public finances.