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Minister Fajon appoints Ambassadors-at-Large for key strategic areas of Slovenian foreign policy

Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon has appointed five Ambassadors-at-Large, two of whom are women, namely for the future of Europe, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Western Balkans, climate diplomacy and water diplomacy. Through these appointments, the Minister aims to ensure visibility and active engagement in some of the priority areas of Slovenia's new foreign policy.

Ambassador Iztok Mirošič was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the future of Europe and will be discharging tasks related to Europe, the European Union, the Mediterranean, the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood, as well as other vital and strategically sensitive areas of Slovenia's international engagement. Ambassador Franc But was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the UN Security Council to carry out tasks related to Slovenia's candidature for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for the 2024–2025 term. Ambassador Anžej Frangeš was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the Western Balkans, with responsibility for tasks related to the region, key actors in the region and the international community. Ambassador Eva Tomič was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for climate diplomacy and will carry out tasks related to climate diplomacy and the external aspects of climate policies both in Slovenia and internationally. Ambassador Tatjana Miškova, who was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for water diplomacy, will be responsible for tasks related to water diplomacy both in Slovenia and internationally.

The appointed Ambassadors-at-Large are experts in specific priority areas of foreign policy. They provide assistance in the shaping of positions and collecting information in order to better and more effectively implement Slovenia's foreign policy. Their main tasks include establishing and maintaining regular contacts with key international partners and political, economic and civil society actors, arranging visits and meetings between government representatives and representatives of foreign countries and international organisations, and drafting proposals for Slovenian positions on key foreign policy issues with a view to strengthening Slovenia's role in the international arena. In carrying out their tasks, the Ambassadors-at-Large work closely with State Secretaries, departments and services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad.

The appointed Ambassadors-at-Large are career diplomats who are full-time employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with extensive international experience. With their knowledge, experience and established contacts in the international arena, they promote to the maximum extent possible the achievement of foreign policy objectives in accordance with the Slovenian Foreign Policy Strategy and the Declaration on Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia.