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  • 30 years since the adoption of the Declaration of the Sovereignty of Slovenia

    It has been exactly 30 years since the then Slovenian Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia in 1990, whereby a one-year time limit was set for the adoption of a new constitution. The Assembly also tasked the Government with determining by September which Yugoslav laws would no longer be applicable in Slovenia.

  • The first ice cream made using Slovenian vanilla

    Ocean Orchids, which is based in Dobrovnik, presented the first ice cream made using Slovenian vanilla in collaboration with the chocolatier Podeželska čokoladnica Passer from Tešanovci. The vanilla was grown in a tropical garden in Dobrovnik and is an organic ingredient of the highest quality.

  • 15th BSF to take place on 31 August 2020

    In light of recent COVID-19 developments, the organisers of Bled Strategic Forum international conference are pleased to inform that the 15th Bled Strategic Forum international conference will take place on 31 August 2020 in Bled, Slovenia.

  • Ljubljana in the newest edition of the MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe

    Following the official presentation of its first culinary guide for Slovenia, Michelin launched the MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe 2020. The guide includes Ljubljana as a city with its first Michelin star, which was also highlighted on Michelin's website and in its press releases.

  • Statehood Day

    On Thursday, Slovenia celebrated Statehood Day and the 29th anniversary of its independence.

  • European Sustainable Energy Week

    Renewable energy sources are important for achieving sustainable and secure energy supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing the economy. In Slovenia, the most important renewable energy source is wood, which in 2018 accounted for 48% of renewable energy sources in energy supply.

  • Slovenian wine declared best orange wine in the world

    Produced using a natural and biodynamic approach, the orange wine from Božidar Zorjan’s winery in the Pohorje mountains was rated the best orange wine.

  • Slovenia among the countries establishing the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

    The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence is a multi-stakeholder international initiative aimed at supporting and guiding the responsible use and development of artificial intelligence, and promoting innovation and economic growth while taking into account human rights, integration and diversity.

  • Slovenian stars in the Michelin constellation

    As of today, Hiša Franko headed by master chef Ana Roš will be the first in the region to boast two Michelin stars. The restaurants of Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Dam, Hiša Denk, Atelje and Vila Podvin received one star each, as announced today at the Ljubljana Castle.

  • Standard & Poor's confirms Slovenia's credit rating

    On Friday, 12 June, Standard & Poor's credit rating agency confirmed the AA- credit rating (stable outlook) for the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Taking care of Slovenia’s forests

    Slovenia is a land of forests as they cover 58.2% of our country. In terms of forest cover, Slovenia ranks third in the European Union, after Sweden and Finland.

  • Ambassadors of the Slovenian Economy

    Slovenians are hard-working and motivated people. Work is an important value and we strive to be good at what we do. We see creativity as a source of encouragement for the development of society, and it comes as no surprise that the Slovenian business environment is based on the following approach: green, creative and smart.

  • National Volunteer Week

    This week Slovenia is holding its 21st National Volunteer Week. The purpose of the event is to celebrate volunteering, thank the volunteers and voluntary organisations for their work, and invite individuals to learn about volunteering opportunities and donate their time for the good of their community.

  • The third World Bee Day

    It has been two years since the UN General Assembly proclaimed 20 May as World Bee Day on the initiative brought forward by Slovenia.

  • New Sinfo - The Best from Slovenia

    Like many other countries around the globe, Slovenia has been fighting to contain the growth of new coronavirus cases. The government's measures have been effective and our country has been one of the most successful in its fight against the epidemic.

  • The first accredited research laboratory for waste plastics recycling in Europe

    In March 2020, the Slovenian competence centre for recycling of plastic materials Interseroh Plastics Research & Development was awarded international accreditation of laboratory standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017, becoming the only accredited research institution in Europe to be specialised in the research and development of recycling and recovery of plastic waste materials into innovative materials used in production.

  • Integrating three Karst sites of special interest under a joint brand

    The Park of Military History Pivka, the Lipica Stud Farm and the Škocjan Caves Park started marketing their sights together four years ago. This entailed offering visitors ticket discounts that have now increased from 15 to 25 per cent. The directors of all three public institutes said that the integration has already proved to be very successful.

  • The government continues to relax restrictions adopted due to the COVID-19 epidemic

    On Wednesday, the government considerably eased the restrictions adopted during the epidemic. This will be followed by a 14-day observation period, and any further wider easing measures will reappear on the agenda in early June.

  • Slovenia in Netflix Series Restaurants on the Edge

    On May 8, a new season of Restaurants on the Edge series was announced on Netflix. Starting May 8, Netflix’s 182 million subscribers in 190 countries around the world will be able to watch the first part of the series showing the natural, cultural and gastronomic features of Slovenia for 47 minutes.

  • The May Declaration is a symbol of the Slovenian people’s desire for sovereignty

    The May Declaration was a political statement drawn up by Slovenian opposition political parties in 1989 in which they demanded a sovereign state of the Slovenian nation. The declaration was read out by Tone Pavček at a mass protest gathering at Kongresni trg in Ljubljana on 8 May 1989.