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The Information Society Development Division is focused on the future. It monitors and analyses the current state of the information society at national level, while working on targeted development.

The Division’s key tasks include coordinating and promoting the development of the information society at national level, cooperating at international level, promoting the establishment of an inclusive information society and working together with stakeholders, strengthening the support environment for advanced digital technologies, promoting the use of advanced digital technologies and fostering the development of digital competences and skills.

It prepares the technical basis for formulating national development policies and drawing up strategic documents in the field of information society development, which includes the preparation of national development strategies, programmes and action plans in the field of information society, such as the Digital Slovenia Strategy for the Development of the Information Society in the Republic of Slovenia and the National Programme for Promoting the Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Slovenia.

As regards international cooperation, the Division represents the Republic of Slovenia in international organisations in the field of information society and prepares positions relating to the adoption of policies and other acts of international institutions. The key international institutions in which we are active are the European Union institutions and the international organisations ITU and OECD.

In the implementation of development policies, the Division is also responsible for implementing specific measures in the field of information society, such as the smart cities and communities incentives and the establishment of the European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs – EDIH.