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The Service for Documentation and Classified Information ensures the preservation and storage of documentary materials in the information system, manages documents and is responsible for the basic classification and distribution of documents. The diplomatic library operates as part of the Service.

The Service is responsible for the receipt, distribution and dispatch of post and diplomatic bags via the international courier service. It keeps and manages records of office administration and prepares the code list of the Ministry. It manages and updates the record of official seals and orders and distributes stamps and seals.

It carries out all procedures relating to receiving, handling, recording and borrowing documentary and archive materials from the permanent collection and prepares internal instructions for handling documentary materials in the permanent collection and the classification thereof and the classification plan of the Ministry. For the purposes of expert and historical research, the documents recorded in the archive are accompanied by archive references, content descriptions and analyses. The Service also participates in the introduction of new archiving methods, the preparation of instructions and the use of information technology in the archive.

It performs tasks relating to the handling and protection of classified information, personnel and documentation security, and cooperates with other services in ensuring physical security, CIS Security and industrial security.

The central register and sub-register of classified information of the EU and the sub-register of classified information of NATO operate as part of the Service.

The Service carries out personnel security clearance procedures for the Ministry's employees and contractors for access to the classified information of the Republic of Slovenia and to classified information of the EU and NATO.

It keeps a record of personnel security clearances and completed training, as prescribed by law. In the area of documentation security, it ensures the secure handling of classified data throughout their entire cycle (receipt, recording, copying, dissemination, transfer, destruction, archiving).

In the central register, as the main point of entry in the Republic of Slovenia for classified information of the EU, it disseminates classified information to state authorities depending on the content of the information and their area of work. It provides basic and additional statutory training on the handling and protection of classified information.

It prepares internal instructions for handling classified information, provides professional assistance to internal organisational units in handling classified information, and participates in preparations for and the conduct of internal supervision and inspections (RS, EU, NATO) of the implementation of the Classified Information Act, regulations adopted on the basis thereof and international documents.

In order to ensure a comprehensive system of handling and protecting classified information, it cooperates with the internal organisational units of the Ministry and other state authorities. Its employees participate in inter-ministerial working groups in the area of handling and protecting classified information.