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The Department for General and Institutional Affairs prepares positions for meetings of the General Affairs Council and European Council and coordinates them with other ministries. It prepares positions, is responsible for inter-ministerial coordination in the process of negotiations regarding the EU multi-annual financial framework, monitors the positions of EU Member States, and represents Slovenia's positions in this area. It coordinates the preparation of positions on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union.

In drawing up legislative proposals and other proposals for documents in the area of general and institutional affairs, it prepares decisions and coordinates them with other ministries; it analyses horizontal legal issues relating to EU policies. It participates in the preparation of positions regarding documents in the area of European cohesion policy. It monitors the work of the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions and informs ministries thereof; it coordinates questions raised by deputies of the National Assembly and the preparation of proposals for amendments to EU legislation for Slovenian members and participates in informing Slovenian members. It provides consultation and ensures the inclusion of civil society in the process of preparing Slovenia's positions on EU acts. It prepares legal analyses and opinions regarding the use and implementation of EU law and the coordination of European affairs.

It is responsible for the performance of tasks within the competence of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs relating to pretrial procedures and court proceedings.  It cooperates with the competent ministries and government offices in drawing up documents and other more demanding materials in the area of EU law and provides legal advice on the harmonisation of such materials with EU law. It coordinates the work of the competent bodies regarding translation, interpretation and terminology in EU institutions and interinstitutional cooperation with the Slovenian language and legal departments of these institutions.  It performs expert horizontal tasks to ensure the comprehensive coordination of European policies.

It is responsible for the systemic monitoring and examination of the law of the EU's external relations and of its relationship with public international law and Slovenian law and for providing advice in this regard, particularly concerning the conclusion of treaties and legally non-binding instruments within the framework of Slovenia's membership of the EU. It is responsible in particular for the conclusion of treaties and legally non-binding instruments within the framework of Slovenia's membership of the EU that are systemic and do not only cover individual thematic areas, e.g. the basic EU treaties, agreements on the accession of third countries, general agreements on cooperation with third countries, etc. With regard to other treaties within the framework of Slovenia's membership of the EU in respect of which it does not conduct any procedure, the Department provides advice on the conclusion thereof from the perspective of Slovenia’s arrangements and the basic treaties of the EU. With regard to the law of the EU's external relations, it monitors proceedings before the competent courts of the European Union.