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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Current information and instructions are available on the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 website

Sinfo - magazine in English that promotes Slovenia. Promotional magazine brings news from Slovenia on business, culture, science, sports and tourism.
  • Sinfo 3/2020

    Slovenia demonstrates in various areas and on a daily basis that excellence is an important foundation for achieving global competitiveness.  Slovenians are creative, innovative, adaptable and live in harmony with nature. We see a crisis as an opportunity for new solutions, so periods when we are faced with the challenge of the unknown do not scare us. 

  • Sinfo 2/2020

    Like many other countries around the globe, Slovenia has been fighting to contain the growth of new coronavirus cases. The government's measures have been effective and our country has been one of the most successful in its fight against the epidemic.
    Slovenians have always been a nation of beekeepers. In addition to our love for bees, we have always respected nature. And these two topics are the starting points for most of the articles in this edition of Sinfo.