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  • Sinfo 4/2020

    One of the symbols of the holiday season is the Christmas tree – usually a spruce or a fir tree. This year, St Peter's Square in the Vatican will be decorated with a spruce tree from Slovenian forests, a beauty from Kočevska Reka. The Holy See was one of the first countries to recognise the independent state of Slovenia. In 2021, we will celebrate 30 years of an independent Slovenia, which is why this spruce is also a symbol of gratitude.

  • Sinfo 3/2020

    Slovenia demonstrates in various areas and on a daily basis that excellence is an important foundation for achieving global competitiveness.  Slovenians are creative, innovative, adaptable and live in harmony with nature. We see a crisis as an opportunity for new solutions, so periods when we are faced with the challenge of the unknown do not scare us.