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This English-language promotional magazine features a selection of interesting articles on business, culture, science, sport and tourism.
  • Sinfo 2/2022

    At the end of this year, Dr Nataša Pirc Musar took office as the President of the Republic of Slovenia and this issue features an interview conducted with the new President. The issue also contains a New Year’s Address by Slovenian Prime Minister Dr Robert Golob. We present the National Assembly and its 30-year history. We are looking forward to the Nordic World Ski Championship at Planica and to other major sporting events. You will also find an interview with Tina Maze, the best Slovenian Alpine skier.

  • Sinfo 1/2022

    One of the symbols of the holiday season is the Christmas tree – usually a spruce or a fir tree. This year, St Peter's Square in the Vatican will be decorated with a spruce tree from Slovenian forests, a beauty from Kočevska Reka. The Holy See was one of the first countries to recognise the independent state of Slovenia. In 2021, we will celebrate 30 years of an independent Slovenia, which is why this spruce is also a symbol of gratitude.