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The Radiation Safety Section conducts administrative procedures and keeps registers in the areas of radiation practices and the use of radiation sources, supervises activities which can cause overexposure due to naturally occurring radionuclides and items of general use, monitors and performs administrative tasks in the areas of import, export, entry, exit, transport and transit of nuclear and radioactive material, issues design bases and opinions for construction works to be carried out in areas of restricted use due to nuclear facilities, monitors safety culture in nuclear and radiation facilities and with radiation operators, is involved in the drafting of regulations, and publishes Sevalne novice (Radiation News).

An important remit of the Radiation Safety Section is administrative control of radioactive waste management. The Section keeps a central record of radioactive waste and spent fuel in Slovenia, supervises the Central Radioactive Waste Storage Facility, performs activities for granting approval to repositories for low- and intermediate-level waste, monitors the activities for the rehabilitation, closure and maintenance of repositories of the Žirovski vrh mine and for the decommissioning of radiation and nuclear facilities, and reviews and prepares planning documents in the field of radioactive waste management.