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Since January 2017, the Project Unit has been in charge of the project "Stop Conflicts in the Workplace", the purpose of which is to strengthen the advisory and mediating role of the Labour Inspectorate. These objectives are achieved through the promotion of the use and application of mediation in the resolution of conflicts between employees and employers and through assistance to labour market participants to provide decent work for their employees, particularly a safe and healthy work environment, to prevent labour disputes. The project is scheduled for completion in November 2022.

Activities under the project are intended primarily for employers. Particular attention is devoted to smaller employers, who, as a rule, have limited possibilities for preventing labour disputes in the aforementioned manner as they are limited by financial resources and staffing capacity. Project activities are also intended for persons entering into employment relationships, labour inspectors and others interested in such activities. The project has two main aims: the promotion of the use of mediation in disputes between employees and employers on the one hand and activities to equip labour market participants to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees on the other.

Eliminating conflicts at work

In February 2017 the Slovenian Labour Inspectorate started implementing the 6‑year project ‘Eliminating conflicts at work’ and raising awareness about the possibilities for mediation in disputes between workers and employers, and offering advice to employers. The operation is funded by the European Social Fund and the Slovenian national budget.

Purpose of the operation: PREVENTIVE action against breaches of the regulations governing labour law and occupational health and safety – advisory and mediation role of the Labour Inspectorate.

Main activities:

  • promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts at work
  • providing mediation between employees and employers
  • workshops and lectures providing important information linked to the implementation of legislation for all involved in the labour market – especially on the topic of a safe and healthy work environment – with the aim of preventing labour disputes.

Who is the project aimed at?

In particular employers, and otherwise everyone involved in the labour market (special attention is paid to small-scale employers, who due to limited financial and human resources are generally restricted in their options for such prevention of labour disputes). The project’s activities are aimed at all persons entering into formal employment, labour inspectors and others with an interest.

Our objectives:

  • to inform 6,480 employers of the regulations in the area of occupational health and safety (1,080 annually)
  • to inform 1,800 employers of the advantages of peaceful resolution of disputes (300 annually)
  • to carry out 100 mediations, and successfully conclude at least 25% of them
  • to set up a mobile information office
  • to establish and consolidate the institution of mediation in disputes at the Slovenian Labour Inspectorate
  • active participation with talks given at 42 (peaceful resolution of disputes) and 36 (occupational health and safety) consultations, conferences and other events organised by worker or employer associations or other organisers.