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The Infrastructure Inspectorate is a body affiliated to the Ministry of Infrastructure. It supervises the implementation of regulations in the fields of rail transportroad transport, railway and road infrastructure, cableway installations and safety on ski slopes, electrical and thermal energy, and mining.

Inspections are carried out in order to ensure compliance with legislative provisions. They cover instances in which non-compliance with regulations is detected in practice and instances in which non-compliance could indirectly endanger life or health or cause substantial material damage.


The Inspectorate provides three inspection services, each headed by an Inspection Director. Inspections are conducted in seven administrative areas. During inspections, inspectors provide an expert opinion on resolving systemic and substantial issues in the relevant field on the basis of the main legislative act and the implementing regulations. The expert tasks include direct inspection and supervision, decisions on inspection measures and monitoring of their implementation, conducting analyses, and offering solutions to foster development, accelerate progress and improve the system.

Organizational Units