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Tir Truck Park Sermin

Construction of a Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area on the Slovenian A1 motorway in the area of Koper. The newly constructed 301 new parking spaces for trucks will meet the Silver level EU-Parking Standard and will be fully lighted, fenced, guarded by an alarm, and under video surveillance. The users will be provided with safe and secure parking facilities equipped with toilets, showers, and a Wi-Fi connection.

The project contributes to the development of a denser network of safe and secure truck parking areas in accordance with the TEN-T Regulation (EU Regulation 1315/2013). The objectives of the action are also in line with the Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia until 2030. It is expected to contribute to greater safety and security and to increased efficiency of freight transport along the road core TEN-T network to and from the Port of Koper.