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In accordance with Slovenian foreign-policy priority tasks, the Department for NATO and International Operations directs and coordinates Slovenia's activities in co-formulating the policy of the North Atlantic Alliance.

It prepares and coordinates positions on topical political and security issues that Slovenia as a member of the Alliance represents in the North Atlantic Council, NATO committees and structures, and bilateral and multilateral relations with other allies, and at formal and informal meetings of ministers and NATO meetings of Heads of State and Government.

Its area of work includes all topical NATO political and security issues, in particular the transformation and strengthening of NATO and NATO's capabilities, NATO's Readiness Action Plan, the Alliance's relations with Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, NATO's partnerships, crisis management, public diplomacy, the enlargement policy, NATO operations, and many other issues.

In foreign policy terms, it participates in the adoption of decisions regarding Slovenia's participation in NATO operations and peacekeeping missions under the auspices of the United Nations and coordinates activities in this respect.