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The internal market is an area without internal frontiers in which the free movement of services and the freedom of establishment are ensured. The right of establishment and the freedom to provide services guarantee the mobility of businesses and professionals within the European Union.

Permanent or temporary provision of services

An undertaking registered in one EU Member State may pursue an economic activity in another EU Member State on a permanent and continuous basis in accordance with the principle of freedom of establishment. It may also provide services in another EU Member State on a temporary basis.

Freedom of establishment includes the right to take up and pursue activities as a self-employed person, as well as to set up and manage an undertaking, under the same conditions as those laid down for its own nationals by the legislation of the host EU Member State in which the provider is established.

The freedom to provide services means that, in the case of the pursuit of a temporary activity, an undertaking may offer its services in another EU Member State without having to re-establish the undertaking in the host EU Member State. The undertaking pursues its activity under the same conditions as an undertaking from the host EU Member State. Before the first cross-border provision of a service, the undertaking checks the conditions under which it may operate in the host EU Member State.

Information on the conditions and procedures for pursuing the activity on the single online portal

In order to make the provision or receipt of services in the single market easier for businesses and consumers, EU Member States have set up Points of Single Contact to assist businesses by providing them with comprehensive information on the requirements and procedures relating to the offering and provision of services. In Slovenia, these types of information and service are provided by SPOT (Slovenian Business Point), a system of free-of-charge state support to business operators in one place. SPOT also carries out all the necessary procedures electronically and remotely.

Network of SOLVIT centres

Businesses therefore have the right to be established, provide services and operate anywhere in the EU. If you encounter problems, you can contact a SOLVIT centre for help. The network of SOLVIT centres also provides assistance to EU citizens who wish to live, work or study in an EU Member State, but whose rights in this regard have been infringed.