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  • Minister Logar at Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

    On 24 November 2020, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar took part in the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, which was organised by the Körber-Stiftung foundation in Berlin together with the German Foreign Ministry. The Forum was opened by the foreign ministers of the Trio Presidency of Germany, Portugal, and Slovenia.

  • 25th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement

    On this day 25 years ago, a peace agreement was reached in Dayton. It represents an important milestone in the European history, bringing peace and stability to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agreement was an important victory of diplomacy over war and brought an end to the conflict in the region and the dreadful atrocities suffered by the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dayton Peace Agreement still guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Minister Logar with Foreign Minister Araújo on enhancing political and economic cooperation

    At today's video conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar and his Brazilian counterpart, Ernesto Araújo, confirmed the traditionally good relations between their respective countries, expressing mutual interest in finding new ways to build on the existing foundations.

  • Foreign Ministry donates computers and monitors for the remote schooling of children and teenagers

    Today, 20 November 2020, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar symbolically handed a keyboard to Mr Matjaž Ugovšek, representative of the Slovenian Sustainability Society “Duh časa” (the Spirit of Time) a non-profit volunteer organisation which has been engaged in collecting used computer equipment since December 2011. The collected computer equipment is made ready for use and donated to individuals, families in need, and non-profit organisations.

  • Minister Logar at FAC videoconference on multilateralism and Palestine

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar today attended a video conference of EU foreign affairs ministers. Two central themes dominated the discussions, multilateralism and the situation in Palestine. Regarding the former, they agreed that the Union has the political, economic and financial power to co-create an effective multilateral order, which provides the best framework for tackling modern global challenges.

  • Minister Logar on the role of transatlantic leadership in tackling security, economic and other global challenges

    Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar joined his Swedish and Lithuanian counterparts to participate in a virtual ministerial panel on the future of transatlantic relations, held at the beginning of a two-day International Conference Road to Warsaw Security Forum. The foreign ministers discussed the future of relations between Europe and the United States of America and the role of transatlantic leadership in tackling security, economic and other global challenges.

  • State Secretary Dr Stanislav Raščan at International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance (IRFBA) Ministers’ Forum

    State Secretary Dr. Stanislav Raščan addressed the participants of the US-led virtual Ministers’ Forum of the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance (IRFBA) via a live video link.

  • Ministers for European Affairs on the rule of law, EU enlargement and the Multiannual Financial Framework

    On 17 November 2020, State Secretary Gašper Dovžan attended a video conference of ministers and state secretaries for European affairs to discuss topical issues.

  • State Secretary Kajzer at Polish Foreign Ministry's ministerial conference

    State Secretary Tone Kajzer attended a virtual ministerial conference to promote the freedom of religion or belief, which was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland as a follow-up to the meetings of senior representatives of countries, international organisations, civil society, and religious leaders. The event was intended to discuss the state of religious freedom around the globe.

  • State Secretary Kajzer with Polish Undersecretary of State Jabłoński on the construction of new transport and energy infrastructure in Central Europe

    Today, State Secretary Tone Kajzer held a video call with Polish Undersecretary of State Paweł Jabłoński to discuss economic cooperation, the current activities in both countries in the framework of the Three Seas Initiative and some other topical issues.

  • Minister Logar opens 9th Africa Day International Conference

    For the ninth year in a row, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised the Africa Day International Conference as part of the Bled Strategic Forum. As always, the event was organised in cooperation with Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the European Commission. Marking a first for the Conference, this year the event was held virtually, focusing on the central issue – Africa and the EU: Cooperation for a Sustainable Future.

  • State Secretary Dovžan in a meeting with State Secretaries for EU Affairs of the Presidency Trio

    At the invitation of Michael Roth, Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office, a video conference meeting of state secretaries for EU affairs of the Trio presidency Germany-Portugal-Slovenia was held tonight. The state secretaries exchanged views on the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and called for further coordinated action at Union level, particularly with regard to the vaccine and testing. The latter will also be the topic of a video conference meeting of Heads of State and Governments to be held on 19 November.

  • A new book on international humanitarian law

    A new book entitled International Humanitarian Law has been added to the International Law Series, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Ljubljana. The newest addition to the series features a collection of papers by 21 authors discussing war and the related ethical, moral and legal issues, and international humanitarian law and related issues, as well as Slovenia's views and positions on this topic. The publication also includes references to older Slovenian literature on the law of war, including Professor Ivan Tomšič’s book on the law of war, the first Slovenian book on the subject.

  • Minister Logar with Austrian, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian colleagues on COVID-19 coordination

    Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar attended a virtual meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia, which form the unofficial regional group Central5. The ministers focused on COVID-19 coordination, especially the cross-border movement of persons, goods, and services.

  • Bilateral consultations with Portugal at the level of EU directors-general

    Today, the Director-General for EU Affairs, Barbara Sušnik, held bilateral consultations with the Director-General for EU Affairs at the Portuguese Foreign Ministry, Rui Vinhas. Due to the current situation related to the pandemic, consultations were held via videoconferencing. The topics of discussion covered bilateral relations, current European issues and preparations for the EU Council presidency. The two countries are participating in the current trio of presidencies together with Germany.

  • State Secretary Dovžan and Slovenian delegation to the Committee of the Regions on cooperation during Slovenia’s EU Council Presidency

    As part of the ongoing preparations for Slovenia’s Presidency of the EU Council, State Secretary Gašper Dovžan today held a virtual meeting with full and alternate members of the Slovenian delegation to the Committee.

  • International Law Week during 75th UN General Assembly Session

    The International Law Week has traditionally been the highlight of the UN General Assembly Sixth Committee in New York, the primary focus of which is to encourage the progressive development of international law and its codification.

  • State Secretary Kajzer at OECD Council meeting

    State Secretary Tone Kajzer today took part in the OECD’s virtual annual Ministerial Council Meeting.

  • Slovenia nominated to the WHO Executive Board

    Today, the WHO Regional Office for Europe published the results of the vote by secret ballot of the new members of the WHO Executive Board for the period 2021–2024. In view of the current epidemiological situation, the elections took place in the form of a postal ballot. Slovenia was nominated with its candidate, Ms Vesna Kerstin Petrič.

  • Slovenian-Ukrainian consultations on cybersecurity

    Slovenia and Ukraine held virtual consultations on cybersecurity. The Slovenian delegation was led by State Secretary Tone Kajzer, and the Ukrainian side was headed by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vasyl Bodnar.